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Card Crawl is one of my favourite

There are many ways to get rid of cards. Some of them are useful - these are healing potions, cards of special abilities, weapons and shields with various characteristics, as well as gold, which, unfortunately, you can’t buy anything, but the more you manage to accumulate it, the higher your rating will be according to the results of the match . Such cards can either be thrown off in special slots for equipment, or handed over to the store (you will lose the item, but at least you will earn a little and get one step closer to the goal).

Although you are actually playing here against the deck, and not against the person or even the character, when some especially greasy troll appears on the table, the “leader” wants to pry his nose.

A little harder with monsters. As you might guess, they will have to be destroyed, and here you can not do without strategic thinking. You can chop down monsters with a sword and take their attacks on the shield, which is what instincts that have been developed over the years require, but the equipment instantly breaks, and stay with your bare hands when any Soul Eater falls out of the deck (10 attack points with 13 maximum health points for the hero) - a very bad idea. Therefore, it is important to correctly distribute forces and deal with weaker monsters without the use of weapons - losing hit points and trying to restore forces in time with the help of a magic brew.

This delicate balance keeps the gameplay. The game constantly makes you feel like a tightrope walker that paces over the abyss. Since there are only 54 cards in the deck and the parties are very short, any erroneous decision may be the last. The limited number of slots in the hero’s inventory and the mechanics of the work of the same potions that disappear from the “hands”, freeing up the precious slot only when you remove the other three cards from the table, additionally add stress.

The shield in many situations is much more valuable than the sword. It holds until the safety margin drops to zero. The sword deals the damage indicated on the map and immediately disappears.

Alas, the elementary mechanics, which allows you to master the game in just a few moves, in the end becomes what makes Card Crawl drop. There are enough card battles for just a few subway trips, after which you forget about them forever. If in the same Hand of Fate there were additional elements and an “endless” mode, then there is none of this and is not expected.

Card Crawl is a well-conceived game that tragically lacks replayability. She is simply too minimalistic to carry away seriously and for a long time. Usually, board games and their virtual counterparts are saved in such cases using the multiplayer, but Card Crawl is designed in such a way that it simply does not provide space for a second player. Therefore, you master everything that the game can offer you, in a few minutes, then spend an hour and a half behind it, and then either sit sad or find yourself better entertainment.

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